Are libra females and libra males compatible

The Libra man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

Yes, if an argument gets out of hand, it's difficult for them to reach a resolution. Libra men have a difficult time making decisions so Pisces must take the lead on which telephone service provider to use or what to name the new baby. Since Pisces tends to procrastinate and isn't naturally inclined to get bogged down in details, these trials will present a difficult challenge for this couple.

Life with a Libra man can present unique challenges.

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Libra is congenial and inclined to be polite and nice to anyone he meets. His artist's spirit appeals to Pisces since she's very creative. Libra is rather gullible and somewhat of a pushover. This quality will be very frustrating for Pisces since she needs him to be strong and provide her watery nature with structure. On a positive side, Libra is exciting and full of energy.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

He's the social butterfly. This attracts Pisces and she'll keep up with him until the lure of still waters beckons her to escape into her dreamworld - alone. Solitude isn't something Libra will ever understand much less desire. Pisces is concerned with the big picture of life. Religion, art and easing the suffering of others are the context of her ongoing inner dialogue. She's eager to discuss these issues with Libra, but if he becomes too analytical, Pisces will yawn and swim away for some alone time.

She needs Libra to share her compassion and intense emotional connection to the world. Unfortunately, that's impossible for Libra. The most he can offer is an attempt to understand. Chances are, Libra will grow weary of Pisces' emotional nature and slowly drift away.

Remember, he detests conflict, so it will be a gradual escape. If Pisces is off enjoying her solitude, she might not even notice his absence. Pisces is a devoted lover. She wants to please her Libra lover, and he'll let her experiment until her heart's content.


Libra adores his mystical Pisces, even though he doesn't understand her. He'll do everything humanly possible to assure she's happy. For Pisces, making love is the ultimate expression of her feelings. Sexually , these two are compatible. Libra is an attentive lover. Making love is an art form for the Libra male.

Pisces turns lovemaking into a mystical sensual experience. Her love has no limits, and Libra will bask in her adoration. Libra can teach Pisces that very few things are really life or death situations. He can help her find a middle ground or at least search for a way she can cope with her emotional responses. Pisces can help Libra understand that it's okay to express his emotions.

Libra and Libra Love Compatibility -

The strength of her love can encourage him to test new waters and explore inner worlds. She can carry him to depths that he never knew existed and discover new spiritual realms. She may even inspire him to create some amazing works of art. A Pisces woman and a Libra man may be better friends than lovers. Although both are friendly, the vitality of each depends on very different things. These two zodiac signs may detect instant chemistry.

If so, this first date will be epic. Astrologically, Libras are the peace lovers of the zodiac. They will do just about anything to avoid an argument or confrontation.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility

These lovers like adventure and are happiest in love and surrounded by other people. This zodiac sign hides their feelings so other people will like them, and so they won't hurt anybody's feelings. This makes them indecisive. Libra men and women are charming and good listeners.

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Intelligent Libras often don't show their talents. This makes a Libra appear easy going, in hopes of attracting more people to them. To attract a Libra woman, shower her with compliments, show appreciation for all that she is and be romantic. Libra likes a lover to stand up to her, but with poise and elegance. To attract a Libra man, be confident. Look great and display communication skills with meaningful conversation and sociability.

Urge the Libra male to talk about himself, then be a good listener. Sex between these two zodiac lovers is magical. Enchanting and sensual, Libras are creative in the bedroom. In lovemaking, as with the rest of their lives, this lover wants to be surrounded by elegance. Classy sex, only, will be allowed.

Romance to Libra is essential, and sex is powerful. It is an art form as is everything with Libra.