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Lilith in house VI : the daily routine becomes unbearable and you live every day with a very particular suffering. The person appears almost always distracted and can not find the right concentration. Lilith in house VII : this configuration often portends a break room, a divorce and still problems in societies and collaborations with other people.

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Lilith in house VIII : the person can reap gains in non-legal way or gains related to the world of sex. Here we are faced with a strong predisposition to the magic and esotericism. Lilith in house IX : problems in achieving dreams and desires and problems in trying to develop a business horizon beyond their familiar environment. Lilith in house X : Lilith in this home of the profession indicates a person who can not find his professional road, unable to realize his ideas and work projects.

Lilith in house XI : the person is really unsociable, apathetic and unable to create friendships that can last over time.

Lilith in house XII : the person often lives with a very great sense of pessimism in any area of his life. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. But how do you calculate Lilith? Below you can find a form in which to enter the day of birth, month of birth and year of birth. Enter these data and then click on the button " Calculate your Black Moon ".

This Malevolent Aspect Can Appear in Personal and Business Settings

In a short time you will read in which zodiac sign is your Black Moon. After getting to know the zodiac sign below click on its icon to go to read the meaning of the Black Moon linked precisely to this sign. Have fun and happy reading! Click on the zodiac sign and discover the meaning of Lilith. Today's horoscope. Tomorrow's horoscope. Horoscope of the week in progress. Horoscope of the month in progress. Geminis usually dress well and catty themselves with assurance, realising the importance of good appearance. Gemini women are full of complexity due to their dual nature. Sometimes they can be their own worst enemy.

They are hyperactive, impulsive and manipulative, and love to bum the candle at both ends. No dare or challenge will pass them by. Gemini women in conversation have the ability to jump from one subject to another, due to their quick intelligence. They make formidable debaters and will seldom lose an argument.

They are always in a hurry to get things done. Even in sexual activities with their prospective partners they like to get into it and get it over with as quickly as possible. Geminis always have other things to do and are never without something to challenge their daily routine. Because they are forever searching and squandering their time on superfluous pursuits, they seldom feel satisfied with their-overall life.

Gemini women are highly-strung and nervous, always anticipating the unexpected. When they are in the mood they love to entertain and party on to the small hours of the morning. They are talkative, ever ready to express their views, whether others agree or not.

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Their versatility can make them totally unpredictable at times; they delight in finding different ways of doing things. Gemini women are outgoing, adventurous, broad-minded and freedom loving. They are game players with people and life. The Gemini man is a very communicative character; with a warm, friendly, personable charm.

His sense of humour is beyond reproach and he is an irrepressible fan-loving spirit-He is articulate, with many interests and talents. His versatility will amaze you.

The New Moon in Gemini Comes With an Information Overload

You will find him easy to talk to, open, intelligent and informative. Gemini men can be spontaneous, elusive, independent and freedom loving; they need plenty of space to do then-own thing. Geminis hate to be bored and will always have many things happening in their lives, as they crave variety and change.

A Gemini is changeable in his moods and inconsistent at times, which leaves others feeling unsure of their position. He can be quite a flirtatious person who does not like to be possessed or restricted in his actions.

The Dark Side To The Gemini Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Many Geminis want to strike while the iron is hot; they can be impulsive and tend to bite off more than they can chew. They love a challenge and enjoy starting new projects or jobs. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to wander off in the middle of something through sheer boredom. Geminis can be impatient, snappy and flippant, especially if you point out their faults; they believe they are right, even when wrong.

The Gemini man is an optimist at heart. He will bounce back from rough patches with a resilient, buoyant spirit and look forward with confidence to a bright vision of the future. He is a positive man, and his energy will be a powerful, fortifying and regenerating influence. He is an opportunist too; he can always see the possibilities in a situation or opening.

Geminis are flexible men, progressive and adaptable to new conditions and trends.

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They go with the flow, love life and are admirable for their range of skills and experiences. They are bright, alert, observant and inquiring; they make very good mediators. Due to their logical approach to life, difficult tasks or problems are easy for them; their inventive, enterprising way of finding solutions will amaze their peers.

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Never try to trick a Gemini man, because his ingenious, intuitive powers and investigative mind can be quite penetrating when he is solving a complex issue. Geminis are ardent, impulsive, playful lovers who will say all the right words at the right time to get their own way when it comes to sex. They can be experimental and have a great freedom of emotional expression that can be intense and exciting. Long, drawn-out bedroom games are really not their forte; they love to get into the act fairly quickly, as if it were their last hurrah.

Geminis love parties, social outings, or opportunities to meet new people and have a good time. Geminis can be fun to be around due to their enthusiasm for life. Gemini in With Pluto, the planet of breaking down and rebuilding, in the zodiac sign of Capricorn throughout , you will experience a deep motivated change within yourself and a positive mental outlook concerning your future needs for greater emotional and material security.

You are now realising you are getting older and will need, in the future, increased financial leverage to do the things you like doing best. You will also experience a major change with many of your friendships and those you associate with daily. Saturn, the planet of thrift, economy, discipline and limitation, will also transit Capricorn through your sector of finances, banking, loans, investments and legal. During this year you may decide to make major changes in your living standards, sever those friendships and habits you do not need any more in your life, or you may look for new environments that you feel more comfortable with.

If your incomes, savings and general financial trends over the past two and a half years have been a little topsy-turvy, you will now realise something has to be done to rectify your current situation. If you have been doing it a little tough in the past few years, will now increase your determination to ease the tension and give you a greater opportunity to participate in a variety of new interests without having to worry too much about your overall financial security. Lucky Jupiter will transit the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, your sector of partnerships, joint incomes, earnings and your attitude to financial affairs, until December 3, , giving you a nice boost in your joint money department when required, or you may increase your income through a second job or new investment opportunity.

From December 3, Jupiter will move into Capricorn, increasing your communication with banks, financial advice and travel plans. Nebulous Neptune will continue to transit Pisces, your sector of career, business activities and interests, hobbies and social interests, enhancing your skills and making you more creative.

From January to June, you may feel the need to confront the actual structuring of your mind and your intellectual communication with others, especially children. Your everyday mental attitude will change this year, including your habits and ways of acting and listening around others. When Jupiter commences a delay aspect during April 10 to August 11, you may have opportunities to meet people who will assist you in all important negotiations with business matters, banks, finance companies, taxation, joint financial interests, legal, probate, estates, investments and any money owed to you by others.

If you wish to borrow a large amount of money or repay a loan, this is the year to negotiate and action your goals. You may decide to buy, sell, improve, or invest in a dwelling or apartment, even if you are not planning to live there permanently. Throughout Uranus, planet of the sudden or unexpected, will influence the secretive part of your horoscope and health sector; you must be careful to ensure everything you do including any agreements is confirmed in writing—do not accept verbal promises as a cemented opportunity, you may be severely disappointed if employers or others have second thoughts.

Uranus will certainly change your attitude concerning your present direction, profession, current work responsibilities, friendships, interests and activities. Throughout this busy year, you will be determined to change everything and everyone around you including members of your family, friends, neighbours and work associates.

Watch your health and the health of family members; hospitals, clinics, dental and surgical will influence your destiny in some way. Others will also see a new you emerge, as you reshape your personality and do things you have never done before. Impatient Mars may at times cause you a few frustrating moments of not being able to do what you would like to do, or because of extra responsibilities that are placed upon you through your daily routine. On July 31, during a New Moon in Leo, plan to fill your calendar with engagements that truly energize your curious spirit.

Gemini is ruled by the twins, so what could be more fun than exploring your inherent duality?

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