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I can respect that. Gaius Marius Quartius, the Centurion in charge of the fort, had said that for the last three nights, but Titus knew that they couldn't hold out any… The Human Part of the Equation TroyL author Sgt. Mansell looked into the room one last time, his eyes already red from the dust and tears that now streaked his cheeks. The smell of vomit lingered on his clothes with the blood and rot. The sky was heavy with clouds, the dark grey wetness oozing into everything until nothing was dry. He had to do something, after all. Even if it meant that his food might not last as long, that the precious,… Epitaph Dr Gears author Dr.

Iceberg wove his way down the hall on a makeshift I. Gears limping alongside. Most of the security teams and cleaning crews had already passed, so they had the hall to…. Not sure where, but it doesn't matter, just that it's dark. Up on the stage I can tell there's a band. Nothing unusual. This is Dr.

Jack Bright, recording autopsy AC. Subject is a humanoid male, age indeterminate. Subject is believed to be James Halforth, also… Log of Extranormal Events carriontrooper author Foreword: This page is to document anomalous events that have attracted the Foundation's interests, but occurred too briefly for the Foundation to secure or contain them. Please don't shoot me. Alto Clef waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were SCPs in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them… Father Of Lies Dr Gerald author Agent Jason Suthers woke with a start, thinking that the only way he could feel this way would be if his face were on fire.

From what he could tell, his head was covered in heavy bandages and he… In Which Dr.

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He waved. After a few moments Russel heard his wife of thirteen years call from within the house. He was certain he hadn't moved, yet the surroundings were clearly different. Before, he had been in what had seemed at first to be a… Influenza Dr Gears author I've been sick for days now.

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That bubbling nausea that fills your throat, makes you feel as if you're about to throw up every time you burp or so much as breathe out your mouth. Holding the toilet,… Old Men, Young Men Waxx author They sat across from one another, between them a table with a chessboard, two glasses of vodka and one ashtray.

The elderly man rubbed his stubbly chin, bushy grey eyebrows furrowed in consternation… GFC Arlecchino author A cold sweat had been coursing it's way down Dr. Gerald's spine for the last 20 minutes as he waited outside Dr. Bright's office. The hallway seemed to darken by the second, lights dimming into… The Decoy agatharights author Clef felt a little regretful, he would have to admit. At the very least, he felt sorry enough to sit at her… Hats teaflower author I have not been here long.

July 31st, 12222

I do not know much. But if there's one thing I know, it is this: Alto Clef cannot die. The guy is immortal, I swear. Occasionally, a loyal agent or staff member receives a small ceremony and a burial on Site 19, but not often. I Remember My Heroes MisterBibs author Grandson, you're a small child now, and you've started asking about them.

You're far too young to be told, so I've brushed you off. I've decided to write you this note, for when you're older. This could easily result in her reawakening…. This, naturally, gave him an astonishingly bad mood. Professor Ian Thomas sank into his couch without really looking around the room. Item appears to be some form of diary, however as the possibility of it… A Well Practiced Introduction Nioki author I shivered like a jackhammer, even with my heavy down jacket drawn up around my neck. I think we all know the issue at hand.

What with the… Meteor Dr Gears author The oil smoke rose as if it would never stop. Boiling from the massive hole in both the earth and the pipeline, it had blotted out the sun hours ago, and still showed no sign of stopping.

Horoscopes to Maximize the Quiet Power of the Winter Solstice

SCP must be opened at least once… Peeled Dr Gears author The TV was blaring sex and violence, but all she could think about was her damn bubbling arm. She picked at it idly, once again cursing herself for forgetting the sun screen over the weekend.

It'd… Knives Dr Gears author He'd never really understood knives and the odd obsession some people had with them. Just little scraps of metal, sharpened and placed in a handle, a knife wasn't all that amazing. That's not to say the person themselves even though it's safe to say they do undergo a profound change , but who they are to you, and how they stand in your… Jaywalk Dr Gears author There is a way to live well beyond your appointed time.

You need a car, preferably something late-model, with a strong body. Newer cars tend to be too light and not do enough damage. Then I went to the cafeteria and the cooks gave me… Tracing Voct author Back in school, one of my teachers useta say that if something was bothering you, if you were having bad feelings, you could write it down and that would help you feel better. It's kind of lonely being stuck in an empty cell for several days, but… Collected Data Sorts author Light blue 55 mph Plymouth 2 Occupants 1 male, young adult, yellow hair, brown eyes 1 female, young adult, brown hair, brown eyes Deep red 75 mph Mustang 1 Occupant 1 male, adult, black hair,… Experiment Log C Nioki author Experiment C will consist of SCP being presented with a small 30 page blank book and a pack of 16 colored crayons.

Passing folk herald new day. Shall they honorable customers become? Day is bright with promise…. Picking Cherry Pict author I had a bad habit of picking at my eyelashes while working on something. I picked them and I had plucked off only half of some of them, leaving a weird little ridge at the end I made in it, which… Devotion Dr Gears author Your love is cheap. No, really, it is. You say you love, and that you are devoted, that you'd do anything…but what do you do, actually? Candy, flowers, nights out, those are general actions, not… The Samaritan Arlecchino author The smell of the place was putrid, rotting meat and formaldehyde, along with the coppery scent of blood.

Michelle's first reaction was to turn her face way from the breeze carrying that awful smell,… Feverish Dr Gears author The sweat slid in rivers as he burned. Inches from the fan blades, the pounding breeze doing next to nothing to relieve the searing fire in his flesh. Sick for the last two days, Adam's fever had… The Designer Arlecchino author Juliette smiled maternally when she met the new girl. Her thin, bladelike face radiated wonder, wide eyes dulling soft edges.

It was always nice to meet the next person with the Talent. Their… On The Third Day Arlecchino author After the third day since the first injection, Brian knew there had been a mistake. He could even pinpoint the exact moment he figured it out. The nurse had pressed the tip of the needle to his… I have something to share. This is a true story. I'm not writing this in character, kids. Were it shorter, I'd just make it a forum post, but as it is I feel like it deserves a page of its own. He went to work, he worked, he went home, and he slept.

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The steam coming off the coffee gives her face a wavering, ephemeral look. It's genuine. A voice can be heard, identified as Chadwick Wentworth, referred to here as X Second subject, Peter Frans,… Rights' Birthday Party teaflower author One learns very quickly that any quiet day at Site 19 is not a good day.

I walk through my greenhouse, taking in the scent of flowers, admiring my wonderful plants; tall, slowly aging shrubberies, pretty little rosebushes; one or two exotic… Cloudy With A Chance Of Showers Djoric author The rain beat a staccato passage on the bright red umbrella.

It was not a particularly heavy rain, but had been a steady one throughout the day, and the clouds were still as dark as they had been… Happy Birthday From Nobody DrMagnus author Site There was a package on her desk. Rights sat down curiously, slipping the letter opener out of its little holder, and sliding it through the tape on the seams of the cardboard. Jesus, in our line o' work, you'd think you'd know better.

Whadda I mean? I mean they ain't just fuckin' stories, dipshit.

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Oh, fine, some of 'em are…. First off, we like t'call 'em Bixbies. One, in case somebody accidentally says somethin' in front of a civilian, it don't tip 'em off. I knew we was in trouble soon as Barnes shot yer daughter. Oh, hey, quit cryin', she'll be fine. He's a lousy shot. Anyway, I'm real sorry about yer dog. I mean, it…. Bright stirred his coffee with a spoon, taking a long moment to savor the aroma. One unusual aspect of his bond with is that certain sensations were different in each body he occupied….

No, no, don't stand up.

And, yes, I am who you think I am. Let's not make any more of this than it is. It was rare that one of those few… Taking Stock Arlecchino author A fleet of black SUVs smoothly swept over the blasted plain.