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Many Aries-Aquarius relationships are based on mutual admiration. Aries loves how unique Aquarius is, their inventive vision of the world; Aquarius loves Aries for their energy and initiative — Aquarius gets new ideas all the time but sometimes finds it hard to carry them out. Though they have that special connection, they do see the world in very different lights, which they both need to understand.


As it turns out, Aquarius is the one Sign that has Aries beat when it comes to spontaneity! As long as both partners reassure each other that the relationship is important and secure, things will be just fine. Aquarius gets its great, progressive vision from Uranus, and its social conscience and philanthropy from Saturn. Mars, then, can make a great addition to the mix — it brings passionate, direct action to all these lofty thoughts and ideals.

Air fuels Fire and helps it spread; similarly, Aquarius can help Aries think up new schemes and then realize them. Aquarius stimulates Aries intellectually, something that most of the other Signs fail to do. Both Signs have wide-ranging interests, so mentally active Aquarius is sure to provide physically active Aries with plenty of fodder for new adventures and crusades. Aries gives Aquarius the confidence to charge ahead rather than just sitting in the laboratory concocting new ideas.

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Fortunately, you're likely to have some help. Recognizing the need for others is essential now, but avoid taking this point to dependency levels, especially given that Venus is retrograde and people can be a little distant emotionally. One of the best news for you in October is about Mars, your ruler, as it's picking up the pace and getting back to its usual speed. This transit helps move things along after sluggish months and gives you at least the sense that things are moving ahead, even if retrograde Venus brings with it some delays.

Your social life may have been on the dull side in recent months, and while the withdrawal or lack has not been a terrible experience for you, the liveliness that October and November bring to friendships may be quite welcome. Watch, however, for the drama level to rise too high, particularly with Venus' charm and people skills not working up to par.

Aries Daily Horoscope: Yesterday

The tendency to push too hard or for social blunders is particularly strong around the 10th and 19th. If current relationships are not satisfying your deeper needs, there can be reactions now. The New Moon the 8th is about a fresh start in a partnership or meaningful friendship.

Alternatively, it's about better understanding your relationship needs and taking charge of this area of your life. While it's not necessarily a time to sweep matters under the rug, some care should be taken with all love matters this month, particularly those surrounding shared finances and intimacy with Venus retrograde in your intimacy sector in October and then from November 1st to 16th, in your partnership sector.

October is a good month for redesigning your budget, but it's not reliable for making big purchases. You could easily regret your purchases or relationship commitments later, so take the time to think about things before you leap forward.

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There can be upheaval or tensions related to money, possessions, or intimacy this month. A conversation may occur with a love interest or partner, but be aware that it can quickly spiral into unproductive patterns. Or, a conversation with a love from your past can be sparked up this month. If you receive further information about a past relationship, this can be eye-opening and help with closure.

Even if things get nowhere or seem to go backward, it's a necessary process for illuminating where you stand and what you will take forward with you into the future. Overall, you feel energetically supported by others and by your circumstances.

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This influence favors assertiveness, vitality, confidence, athletic contests, competition, physical drive, personal initiative, sexual energy, and physical energy. The More the Merrier! The more planets in harmony with your Sun or Ascendant sign, the merrier!

Aries Daily Horoscope: Day After Tomorrow

This suggests that the world is playing in your style, and you have more chances of feeling energetically and emotionally supported by people around you and by the circumstances you encounter. Be A Star! Show initiative, start something new, try out a new look. Let your personality shine.

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Money Matters The Moon is in your personal finances sector. Unless other indicators suggest stress, this is a good time to take care of money matters. The Moon is in your romance and pleasure sector. Show your most playful side, and you are more likely to attract what and who you want.

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The Moon is in your reputation sector. Business matters are in focus. Super Opportunity Your ruling planet is forming especially fortunate aspects with other planets. This represents an opportunity period—keep your eyes and your mind open to possibilities. Use it or lose it!