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Expert on the paranormal, folklore, crystals and the magickal realms. Psychic readings available by email. See what others have said about my psychic readings over the years here. These two course modules are stand alone courses but can be followed as part of the combined Psychic Development course under mediumship. For more details click here. AND - be aware, that unless you tell us otherwise, your email readings and spell details will be sent to the email address supplied by PayPal. Please also check that you have info cassandraeason. Named after Novem, the ninth month in the old Roman calendar, November still represents striving for perfection and replacing the old and redundant with the new and potentially promising, often as an act of faith.

November is good for making dreams come true, for completion and launching creative efforts that have taken time to perfect, for aiming high, for overcoming with courage the harm and malice of others and banishing fear of failure, for success in official matters and for relocation or a second career. Time to let go all we tried and which did not work out yet which we can attempt again as the New Year beckons after recalling our strength and purpose.

The angel of November is Adnachiel the Voyager, the angel of learning and exploration with bright yellow robes, who in the Northern hemisphere, promises brighter days ahead if we reach out in our minds and maybe actuality also heralding happy winter sun holidays and in the southern hemisphere calls in the brighter lighter days towards their zenith. Wherever we live Adnachiel encourages clear vision, the uncovering of truth, wide perspectives and possibilities through brainstorming, flexibility, open-mindedness, optimism, enthusiasm and creativity especially in writing.

He says there is always something new to learn, some new vista to explore even as we abandon with blessing what did not work out including relationships of which we feel we cannot yet must let go. The crystals of November that are lucky and powerful are yellow topaz, ruby and turquoise. November flowers are the chrysanthemum, red to honour the living and especially our mothers and white for the deceased and of course the poppy of remembrance.

During November, avoid giving unasked for opinions, impulsive words or actions, being tempted by too good to be true offers, gambling and unwise speculation or assuming the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Happy November and may you attain all you reach for.

November 1 and 2 are in many cultures the traditional days of the dead when family ancestors remain with their loved ones after returning to the family home on All Hallows Eve Halloween. There is archaeological evidence that the Mount has probably been a sacred mound since as far back as 5,BC.

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Some years ago I was in the area with my family on November 1st, the public holiday of All Souls in France, having driven past cemeteries laden with flowers and families from oldest to youngest in Sunday best honouring the family dead in a way that is unfamiliar in the many parts of the modern industrialised world, outside Catholic countries. There was a happy atmosphere and the banks of flowers amazed my own children used to the dreary churchyards of England. Mont St-Michel was the site of our pilgrimage for it is strongly associated in old legends with the Celtic Island of the Dead and their spirits are said to meet there on November 1st this is traditionally part of the old Celtic day of Samhain, the Celtic days on which the old year had ended and the new year was not yet begun, a time of no time.

A tradition was continued until the early years of the 20th Century, in the village of Pleine-Fougeres, which stands on a hill some 10 miles from Mont St-Michel. At a funeral the coffin would be turned to face Mont St-Michel before being interred. On the day that I visited Mont St-Michel it was crowded with tourists from all over the world and the stalls were crammed with plastic swords and baseball caps.

However, there was an overwhelming atmosphere of darkness.

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The island was besieged during the Hundred Years War, used as a prison until and the notorious cage where prisoners were hung over the walls and left to go mad, was still in place until the late 18th century. The sense of foreboding was mingled with a sanctity that predates Christianity, for originally the ancient Celtic sun God Belinus was worshipped there and Druidesses had their home on the isle of Tombelaine in the bay.

Ghosts were not hard to visualise in the shadows of the unexpected stairways that seemed to end in steep rock and wails from seabirds on the quick sands, echoing the cries of those lost by the fast- encroaching tide which can roll across the bay as fast as a galloping horse. Indeed in the year tradition says that a woman who was near to giving birth persuaded her husband and friends to go with her to Mont St-Michel to pray for the new baby.

On their way back a sudden mist fell and the party strayed from their path. All at once they realised that the tide was rushing towards them. The shock sent the woman into labour and she begged her husband and friends to leave her and save themselves. Then she lay upon the sands and prayed to St Michael to save her. Instead of engulfing her, the sea formed a whirling wall of water around her as she lay and gave birth to a son whom she baptised with the sea water. When the tide turned her husband and friends came to seek her body only to find her safe and well with the child who was christened Peril as he had had escaped from the peril of the sea.

A cross was erected on the spot to commemorate the miracle but it tumbled into the sea in 17th century. On my pilgrimage, as well as the misty shapes only inches from the crepes and hot dog vendors are perhaps real ghosts who seem indistinguishable from the ordinary people, dressed in black or clothes that could belong to a few or many generations away. Take the old man whose eyes are fixed halfway up the steep grey walls. He is oblivious to those walking only inches away between him and the wall, while they seem to stare right through him. The figure is stooped with the cap and dark clothes of a workman from any age.

There is a child in old-fashioned clothes skipping along alone.

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Who can tell whether we look like phantoms to them as they to us, gathered today on the Day of the Dead? The churchyard within the walls was full of flowers and mementoes. In the church, candles are lit for the departed by dark figures that merge with the gloom. According to the old traditions, dead and living mingle on this day and to share the path of ghosts all we have to do is to go to one of these magical places where they naturally assemble on their day and walk in sympathy with them.

For it was said by the Ancient Egyptians, so long as our name is spoken so shall we live.. The time rapidly approaches for Samhain, known popularly as Halloween in the Northern hemisphere and Beltane in the Southern world. At Samhain, the beginning of the old winter, we can drop into the flame of an amethyst coloured candle, grains of dried sage, breaking with the voices of the past that hold us back. On the other side of the world at Beltane, the festival occurring at precisely the same time, we light our twin red candles and make them sparkle with salt sprinkled into the flames to welcome the opportunities of the coming months.

Even better wherever you live in the world make a triangle with your purple candle at the apex and the two red candles at the base corners. Sprinkle sage in the flame of the red candles after lighting and salt in the purple and say, I will create the new from what has been lost and let go whatever stands in the way of claiming or reclaiming my power.

Leave your candles to burn. For both festivals occurring across the world at the same moment, remind us to rejoice in every day we are granted, a blessing and a bonus; as we look up at the fires of the ancestors in the stars we know that our descendants, hundreds of years hence will still wish upon the stars and rejoice at the seasons turning.

Both Jacks are one, are within us and the choice is not always easy, For we make decisions based on the resources and the knowledge we have at the time. We cannot waste precious time, regretting the past but must replace the fallen flowers with fresh budding hope to weave the glorious garland of the future. If we do not seek to change what is inevitability, rather strive to make more beautiful every word and deed, then we can live authentically and eternally in the winds, the waters, in our actions, our kindnesses, in those we try to influence for the better and the newly blossoming flowers of summer and the late falling leaves of the approaching winter days.

For some this time is bitter sweet, the ending of a cycle of living we took for granted and so a hesitation before embracing any as yet unseen new opportunities.

Traditionally this was the moon time when hunters would use the early rising light of the moon to catch their prey when the fields had been reaped. It is also called Blood or Fire Moon as its early rising made it visible close to the horizon, so appearing red. This is the moon of the traveller and the warrior after justice and truth , reinforced by its sun partner Libra whom it strengthens into action not just vague words. Go forward confidently and boldly under the full moon in Aries.

For it is a powerful moon offering courage, self-reliance, good for self-employment, independent ventures, recovering health, launching major life changes, energy and passion for life. If you suffer from bullying, aggressiveness, rudeness, ingratitude or cynicism in others, this is the moon that says, Give me my due respect. Value me for who I am not just what I offer.

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But not on this Full Moon night and we might actually enjoy our new found assertiveness and voice and not creep back into our mouse holes. The justice and fair play aspects of its solar partner Libra make this moon supportive of all those who live under harsh regimes, lack equality and human rights-and personally for anyone trapped in an abusive or destructive situation or fear. Good too for defeating fears, phobias and destructive addictions in self or loved ones.

Hit ultimatums and even threats head on, not letting the 2am spooks in your head hold you back from taking or perhaps reclaiming what is rightfully yours. Plan travel you have always wanted but never dared. Light a dark blue candle and put a pinch of pepper in the flame saying, Defeat or holding back from life and love through fear of loss or failure is not an option.

Light a bright red candle from the blue one and add a pinch of salt to the flame saying, Burn bright and light the way to victory and glory. I take the power of the Aries moon and shall not hesitate, need not wait. I make my Destiny, I am my Destiny. Extinguish the blue candle and leave the red one to burn while you tackle some of those 2 am fears head on, for when the Aries moonlight pours full into your life, you too can blaze your trail of glory through the skies.

Named after Octo which was the eighth month in the old Roman calendar after New Year, October is associated with financial advantage through your own endeavours. Use the October energies too for developing clairvoyance, finding your soul mate or reviving an intense relationship that has cooled but is based in deep feelings and for getting what you really want through your own efforts. Good also for success in competitions and games of chance, for reaping rewards of earlier efforts, for all money and property matters, speculation and learning new skills and technology.

In October, avoid repeating past mistakes, extreme exercise regimes or crash diets. A bad month for sulking instead of sharing your feelings with someone who cares.

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The angel of October is Bariel or Baruel, the Wise One and angel of small miracles who wears the colours of sunset. Bariel offers us the ability to transform self and situations, the power to start over again or revive a stagnant situation and he protects against spite, jealousy and gossip. His candle colour is indigo or burgundy, which is also the colour of October. If you need urgent help and there seems no way through, light a pure white candle and say, eight times Bariel, angel of small miracles, bring the small miracle I do desire name what you need and for whom and I will do good in the world.

Leave the candle to burn through. The special flower of October is the marigold, the flower of abundance and protection, a flower traditionally associated with increasing love and commitment and the calling of new love. You can also use this to attract a yet as unknown lover by writing the words whoever will make me lastingly and faithfully happy, on a slip of paper.

Already the new energies are in the air and will remain so throughout September. The Equinox is a magical time. We know the four main Sun festivals of the year, the Equinoxes and Solstices, have long been celebrated, before magick even had a name. And of course the earliest magick probably going back to Palaeolithic times was the Midwinter when people feared the sun was dying and lit fires and torches to give strength to the sun.

The Autumn or Fall Equinox in the Northern hemisphere at this time has always been a magical celebration of plentiful offerings to the deities so that they would grant in return enough food for the people through the winter But it is also the Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere at precisely the same moment when Ostara, Norse Goddess of the spring, releases her magical hare as a reminder there are always new beginnings.

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For her hare was once a white dove she found frozen in the snow and she knew that even if she revived it that it might not long survive. So she transformed it into a hare as a reminder life and good times would return as she opened the Spring Equinox gates. The Equinox is on Monday September 23 is You can take from either Equinox what you most need in your life wherever you live. A time for the completion of tasks, the achievement of long-term goals, for mending quarrels and forgiving yourself for past mistakes, for recovering money owed and overcoming debt problems, for family relationships and friendships, for material security for the months ahead,, for abundance in all aspects of your life, issues of job security or the need to consolidate finances; all matters concerning retirement, redundancy and older people and the resolution or management of chronic health problems.

Its candle colours are blue and green and its fragrances are apple, myrrh, pine and sandalwood.